My name is Emma and I am mum of three to Ella, (4), Max (3) and Penny (10 months). I am married to Kev, an offshore diver (most the time) and at times a trucker. I can hand on heart say being a mum is without question the best thing that has ever happened to me and I do feel incredibly lucky to be a full time mum. That said… It is rock hard!! The amount of wtf moments seem to be growing more and more by the day, life is mental, exhausting and chaotic. Half the time I wonder what the hell I am doing and what I have done to deserve this. I honestly think my life is at times like a skit and that someone must be filming as the things that happen to me can’t possibly happen to normal people.

Not a big one for hobbies, my favourite past time in the world is sitting in a coffee shop with a vanilla latte. A simple pleasure which is no longer possible very often, at least not without evil looks from other customers in sheer disgust at my children’s behaviour, (can only be described as anti social) choice of language (usually involves ‘poo’) and warped sense of humour (mainly insulting others). And so it’s often a vanilla latte to go to keep me awake after a 5am start.

I’ve started this blog as a continuation of emails that I began sending my friends after particularly hideous days by way of debriefing! And what transpired is that these unfortunate situations I find myself in, do in fact seem to happen to others, it’s just that a lot of people post ‘picture perfect’ photos of family days out with a calm, happy, loving family who all get on, whereas I’m lucky to get a snap of mine together without something underhand going on and I’m left wondering why my kids are off the wall, feral and thinking is it a bad reflection on me as their mum.

I am far from Mother Earth, my voice is often too loud, my patience is thin at the best of times, but when I stand back and look at my kids laughing, playing nicely or sleeping soundly I feel I may burst with love. It’s just that the shockingly hardwork moments are alarmingly more frequent and often make me question my own sanity. But sometimes the worse the situation, the funnier it appears when reflecting back and as I regularly tell myself, if you don’t find a way to laugh you will undoubtedly cry! The days are long but years are short.

When you’ve had a bad mum day with the kids have a read through one of my posts and you will know you aren’t alone!


Disclaimer:  The content expressed in this blog is my own personal opinion and I appreciate everyone has their own experiences. It is not the intention to offend anyone. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and I am not providing any medical, legal or professional advice.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great introduction, have felt exactly the same many times! However, having met your kids, I would say you’re doing a great job!! Can’t wait to read more!

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  2. Spot on Em! how can human beings be so volatile?! (That goes for me and my 3 year old). It certainly teaches you a lot about yourself having kids


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